Wellness & SPA design

Alberto Apostoli is an architectural and engineering firm recognized among the international top practices for spa, wellness center, thermae, medical spa e home spa integrated design and planning. A successful SPA must be designed using a rigorous and effective method. The management of different skills must be coordinated and integrated from the beginning, in order to control costs, technical quality and timing. Alberto Apostoli is aware that a successful SPA can only be designed and built through planning stages which involve all the various professionals and an established and well-proven methodology. Alberto Apostoli’s project managers play an essential role in a project development process and their training is based on the understanding that no aspect of a project is secondary to the success of the structure. The Firm, present in the market for over 20 years, influences the new trends in the sector and contributes to its development through conferences, workshops and training. The SPAs designed by Studio Apostoli have received numerous awards and are published in the best international magazines.