Poiano Resort

The SPA designed for the Poiano Resort combines two needs: the development of a particularly attractive location and the request of a contemporary design. The lake is the natural background of this center located in the hills of the town of Garda, among olive trees and lush vegetation leading upstream of a valley a few feet above water level. The project speaks the language of an absolutely extraordinary and unique territory that simultaneously solves space, quality and atmospheres through a wise creativity, as a result of the architect’s leadership in the wellness industry.

Location Garda

Year 2013


Concept Design
Cost control
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Detail design
Water treatment design
Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design
Art direction

Hotel Poiano Spa Garda 2

Hotel Poiano Spa Garda 3

Hotel Poiano Spa Garda 4

Hotel Poiano Spa Garda 5

Hotel Poiano Spa Garda 6