Studio Apostoli is a multi-disciplinary design company which operates within ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING, INTERIOR DESIGN AND PRODUCT DESIGN composed of 60 professionals. It performs internationally through three brands: ALBERTO APOSTOLI Architecture and Design, APOSTOLI ENGINEERING, APOSTOLI DESIGN Product & Communication.



Alberto Apostoli is an architectural and engineering firm recognized among the international top practices for spa, wellness center, thermae, medical spa e home spa integrated design and planning…


The success of a hotel project is not only determined by technical, design or aesthetic issues. It includes solutions to management, economic and financial problems, a suitable strategic and marketing…


Organized since the nineties, the Product Design division of Studio Apostoli can boast many experiences with companies of primary importance. Designing a new product is not just a simple exercise in style; rather it means…


With extensive experience in retail structures worldwide, Studio Apostoli knows how to build up a brand identity. We provide an exclusive blend of services aimed at creating unique store environments…


Each different type of living space requires a precise design process to define the best solution, which meets the needs and the aesthetic taste of the client, respects the requirements and legislative standards…


The design of offices and business environments implies precise specificities that are totally different from those found in the design of residential, hospitality or commercial spaces. Every different space…

Mix Use

Designing multi-purpose buildings means exploiting the experience gained both in residential and commercial design. Thanks to the collaboration of a multifaceted and multi-disciplinary team Studio Apostoli is…


In over twenty years of activity, Studio Apostoli has developed more than a thousand projects on behalf of clients of four different continents, for a total of over one million square meters designed…



With a deep knowledge in many project types, we offer design and planning services for new construction, renovations and additions, for commercial and residential communities.

Project Management

A successful project must be designed using a rigorous and effective method. The management of different skills must be coordinated and integrated from the beginning, in order to control costs, technical quality and timing.

Interior Design

Studio Apostoli delivers stylish and refined design solutions, tailored to fit the desires and vision for your space. From initial meeting with the client through to occupancy, we work with our clients to identify their needs, scheduling requirements and budgetary parameters.


Our engineering division is characterized by its holistic approach to the project, aimed at energy saving and sustainability of structures which are particularly energy-hungry as the spa and hotel.


Our advice is intended primarily to ensure the general alignment of any choice, carried out in line with the objectives of the client and with the technical parameters required. We offer our experience in the creation of Brand Concept and marketing and sales strategies.


When we design a hotel or a shop we have two classes of clients: the owners/managers and the final users. Each of the two classes has its particular needs and expectations and this peculiarity requires the designer to approach the entire project with this in mind.

Villa Paola Tropea - Esterno News
20 August 2019

The Restyling work of Villa Paola in Tropea have been completed

We are pleased to announce the end of the restyling of Villa Paola, an elegant structure a few steps from the center of Tropea, overlooking the beautiful Costa degli Dei,…
Miglior Studio nella progettazione di SPA News
5 August 2019

Studio Apostoli awarded as the best studio in the design of Wellness areas and SPA

The BUILD Magazine Architecture Award winners have now been announced! Studio Apostoli were awarded as: "Best Wellness & SPA Design Studio".

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