With a deep knowledge in many project types, we offer design and planning services for new construction, renovations and additions, for commercial and residential communities.
Alberto Apostoli provides facilities consulting, architectural design, sustainable design, specifications, construction administration and post-occupancy evaluations.

Design Stages

Dividing a project into stages makes it possible to handle it in the best possible way. Breaking down organization into phases enables us to divide the whole work load of a project into smaller modules, thus making it easier to monitor. We make it our mission to plan the process of working with us as clearly as possible. In this way customers will gain an understanding of how we work from the initial consultation phase all the way through to construction.

Feasability Study

A feasibility study needs to be realistic and thorough. It is the basis for making an important investment decision, regardless of project size. It provides information on costs, allows for the identification, quantification, mitigation and allocation of risks, identifies constraints and ensures that the project can be developed around a proper business plan.

Concept Design

Often misinterpreted as a purely aesthetic notion, the Concept actually means much more: its strength lies in piecingtogether many varied elements to create a coherent and compelling picture, such as: positioning and target-client, co-marketing activities, aesthetic atmosphere and choice of partners. Alberto Apostoli considers all these elements to create, each time, a different, unique and successful Concept.

Preliminary Design

This design phase involves a series of activities where the overall idea is shaped and developed. It focuses more in detail on zoning, staff and client routes, legislation check, technical equipment spaces, energy and sustainability study, management evaluation and, above all, it develops the architectural concept and interior design.

Final Design

The Final Design contains all the elements necessary to the understanding of the project by the customer and suppliers as well as the verification of the technical, economic and technical/administrative issues. It provides for the establishment of electrical, hydraulic and, mechanical, and water treatment systems, the lighting design and the production of samples.

Detail Design

The Detail design is the third and last phase into which a project and its completion are commonly divided. It is the engineering of every detail of all work planned in earlier stages; it is the most technically defined phase of the entire design process.

Site Supervision

Professional supervision of construction works is a necessary condition for the successful implementation of a project in terms of time, quality and cost. Alberto Apostoli offers a comprehensive range of site supervision services, such as engineering, accounting and administrative control to ensure the proper completion of projects, in compliance with standards and regulations.