Our advice is intended primarily to ensure the general alignment of any choice, carried out in line with the objectives of the client and with the technical parameters required. We offer our experience in the creation of Brand Concept and marketing and sales strategies.

Business Plan

Drawing up a business plan means comparing an entrepreneurial vision with the rules of the market and finance: a combination of creativity and professional skill that cannot be tackled with standardized solutions.
Our Business Plan is always drawn up specifically for each project; it integrates the business aspects (revenues) with the technical parameters (construction, maintenance and energy) and with the management.

Branding and Marketing

It is a common idea that the design and realization of a structure pertain to the sphere of artistic and technical professions that are alien to the rules of marketing. When we design a mall or a shop we have two classes of clients: the owners/managers and the final users. Each of the two classes has its particular needs and expectations and this peculiarity requires the designer to approach the entire project with this in mind.

Management assistance

Our practice provides consulting services for the identification of the correct formula for the specific project, according to its characteristics, the surrounding area and, above all, the expectations of customers and investors.

Cost control

Managing and maintaining costs are burdensome items and strongly linked to each other. Often the malfunction or underestimation of some technical aspect can undermine the success of the enterprise. In the project area, the term “costs”
refers basically to some major items of expenditure relating to staff, routine and planned maintenance, extraordinary maintenance, and consumption.

Press and promotion

Our projects are always widely published in magazines, books and on numerous websites and blogs in several foreign languages. They often become the subject of conferences, workshops and seminars. Some of them have been the subject of study for university theses, while others have received important awards in international architecture competitions.