Our engineering division is characterized by its holistic approach to the project, aimed at energy saving and sustainability of structures which are particularly energy-hungry as the spa and hotel.
Design in an integrated way can reduce costs, optimize the development times and limit changes during construction. The Alberto Apostoli engineers have gained specific experience in designing “Wellness” so special and problematic, and they make use of “BIM” technology as an instrument of process innovation and design control.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing
In spa and hotel design, MEP design is particularly crucial in optimizing operating costs and ensuring guests the right comfort.
Alberto Apostoli performs the design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in a specific and specialized way, with a special care to energy saving and to customers comfort through customized solutions.

Pool design / water treatment
Water is a key to the success of a spa. The proper treatment of the water and its more adequate exploitation become the primary objectives of our design, from the aesthetic as well as technological point of view. We also provide the design and sizing of private and public pools, spa centres and any place where water is an enhancing factor.

Civil structural engineer
Our highly trained engineers combine an in-depth understanding of the properties and behaviour of materials with modern analytical tools, including building information modelling (BIM). This enables us to deal with challenges such as difficult site conditions, complex foundations and the interface with existing infrastructure and neighbouring structures to ensure structural efficiency and optimal utilisation.

We believe that attaining sustainable objectives requires integrating “thinking  sustainable” into all project development phases. We use best practices and innovative solutions to increase the overall sustainability of projects by evaluating energy efficiency, better resource use and social responsibility.

Lighting Design
Effective and innovative lighting solutions are accomplished by combining design and engineering experiences. We combine technical issues, such as compliance and performance, with aesthetics, creating spaces which are both attractive and safe. Among the first practices in the world to use LED in the industry, we have contributed to the evolution of the use of light as a tool of communication and wellness.

Multimedia has always been a key factor in our design work. It allows us to integrate the architecture with lights, images, videos, perfumes etc. and to make every project unique and modifiable according to new trends or during special events.