“Il vero viaggio è in noi stessi” Suite

The suite created and designed by Alberto Apostoli as a symbolic interpretation of the place where one can find him/herself, has defined a new way to conceive the tie between Multimedia and Design. Thanks to his personal and cultural experiences, the architect made a true innovation in creative terms using the multimedia as a material. A definition of Apostoli on the topic: “Multimediadesign is creativity integrated to technology”. The design is expressed through a use of dynamic forms that emphasize the shape and the horizontal lines. Every object has been previously designed from Alberto Apostoli for some companies or purposely for the occasion. The technological heart of the entire suite is a software (patented by M-Framel) in a position to coordinate videos lighting system, sounds and aromas. Such protocol has been, for the occasion, integrated with a domotic system. The room is dominated by the central object which has a strong aesthetic impact and a polyvalent function, writing desk, bed and sitting place. It seems suspended from the floor through stabs in crystal. The bath zone is characterized by a shower in black marble and crystal. The external glass watt and the flowing door have been realized with a semi-transparent glass plates coupled with inside a black woven.






Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Final Design
Detail design
Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design
Graphic and multimedia design
Art direction