Aqualite Shower head

It is a recessed shower head that blends into the architectural structure “floating” within the same.To achieve this effect, the two functions of the product, water and light, have been split.Their interaction is realized by a series of volumes, different in size, which result in a single body and give to the product an extreme stylistic lightness.The first volume, the largest, is made from the recess of the architectural structure; the inner surface can be decorated with a finish that make the element emerge from the rest of the masonry or, on the contrary, that totally integrates with it.The second volume is constituted by an object made of Plexiglas which intersects the ceiling almost to disappear and that serves as a lighting element; thanks to a series of LEDs placed along the entire perimeter, this volume seems suspended in the air.Finally we find the internal volume, the heart of the system, the actual shower head that generates the flow of water.






Concept Design
Art direction
Industrialization assistance