Kingold Demo Appartment – China

Kingold Demo apartment was designed for a Chinese real estate company planning to built a residence in Guangzhou (China). The Client researched a project for a sample apartment where the neoclassic Italian style faded with a more international architectural concept, especially French and Anglo-Saxon. Italian architect Alberto Apostoli was the right person to realize this project thanks to his worldwide experiences. In this project, classical Italian elements such as columns and statues are mixed with French lacquered wood boiserie and British colonial furniture. Clean lines, symmetry and geometric forms are fused with frivolous baroque details and decorations like the pompous curtains and the luxury chandeliers. The geometric design of the (Italian) marble floor was inspired by the classic style but instead of “chiaroscuro” its colors are pastel green.The space for these quality furniture pieces and materials needed also to be refined, resplendent and very bright, so architect Apostoli create big windows and added many mirrors in every room, playing with the effects of light and perspective






Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Interior design

Kingold Demo Appartamenti 2 – China

Kingold Demo Appartamenti 2 – China