Meli Melo Store

Choose a necklace, as if you were grasping a flower. Meli Melo invites its guests in a fresh and joyful, almost spring atmosphere. The Greens, the lilac, the orange: delicate pastel shades diffused on the light furnishings that create an environment suitable for a young but shrewd audience. As in an Impressionist painting, the colours come together without mixing, and give life to non-uniforms but vibrant and alive areas ; Light but decisive lights identify objects on display and enhance their peculiarities. The floor, in laminate or PVC, develops the theme of nature thanks to the design that recalls the shapes of flowers and leaves, while the ceiling is covered by a fabric with printed motif that creates a virtual sky. On the walls, designer inserts show the company logo. Each element is designed to recreate an atmosphere of environment, like the baskets, embellished with coloured materials, symbols of the magic ritual of the world Meli Melo. The Meli Melo Store is a cozy environment that kidnaps the customer with its natural freshness.






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Concept Design
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Interior design
Furniture design
Lighting design
Graphic and multimedia design