V.I.P. House Flavour & Glamour

In the center of Treviso this project of a V.I.P. House Flavor & Glamor intends to propose a new commercial formula. A sales area that turns into a recreational and dining space at the end of the day. The façade of the building, protected by the Superintendency for Architectural Heritage, remains unchanged, while inside, several mezzanine floors are supported by a central supporting structure. Every single piece of furniture during the evening is covered with a special canvas that falls from the ceiling of the building (the attic is in fact managed and designed as a real theatrical scenic tower). Lighting and automation is an extremely important and absolutely primary element in the emotional rendering of space. An ambitious and innovative project that aims to become a consolidated formula for other similar spaces in Italy and abroad where fashion, entertainment and catering come together.






Concept Design
Preliminary Design