Park Hotel I Lecci

Park Hotel I Lecci is located within a large holm Oak forest adjacent to the beach. The forest is extremely natural and wild; It has a special charm to which the entire structure refers. The project has started from the respect and protection of this extraordinary naturalistic heritage starting from the creation of a former structure in degrees of dialogue strongly with all this. The structure is inserted in the park through a cuneiform construction entirely made of wood and glass that has some extemporaneous elements of functional junction. The aesthetic/treatment area is realized inside the structure through the creation of an architectural element composed of several wooden cylinders realized in various essences, stuck to each other. This structure dominates the interior of the structure, giving it character and attractiveness. The management of natural and artificial light is managed with an automation system that integrates the two components during the various hours of the day.


San Vincenzo di Livorno




Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Interior design
Landscape design